About Us

Points of Difference

Having completed dozens of projects internationally since 2007, including many under project recovery, these are the key facets that are Genco Energy's core points of difference in the business of power projects;

Genco are no-nonsense - the 'Red Adair' of power-gen is our reputation;
  • We bring to our clients the energy and drive of a results orientated owner-operator fixed term project team. We do not come as employees looking for a job.
  • We bring solutions to the project, we do not come as part of the problem.
  • Our business and people are low maintenance operators.
  • Genco projects are successful because of old fashioned experience, know-how and tenacity.

Genco are international, but not corporate;

  • We have an entrepreneurial drive and 'can do' attitude that is instilled in all our people.
  • Projects require good governance, but we never let process become the core business.
  • Critically, Genco treats their client's money as if it is their own.
  • We are experienced in ‘hard dollar’ contracting - fixed schedule and cost.

Project Recovery is comparable to a lead surgeon or deployment to war; 

  • Because when a project is distressed nobody values inexperience, no matter how low the price or a willingness to learn.
  • Our people are used to deployment to remote and difficult projects often for months at a time.

Genco stakes is reputation on every project;

  • Because our reputation is only ever as good as our last project. Unlike traditional employment, the open market does not provide testimonials for under performance.

Genco brings an equal balance of strong commercial and technical experience;

  • A very rare quality these days, as most people are biased towards either one or the other.
  • Genco are experienced across all facets of projects both technically and commercially.
  • Genco founding directors bring considerable commercial knowledge and experience across all facets of business / projects - from SME's to publicly listed companies and SOE's.

Technical qualifications are important, but practical and international experience is essential;
  • Genco values people's experience, initiative and attitude ahead of their qualifications.
  • We are strong in people management and adaptability, especially running a large project/construction teams up to 250 personnel.
  • We have strong international experience, especially in developing countries.
  • We are comfortable in operating from the boardroom to the site office, including with media and P/R.

Genco Energy's history and reputation in project recovery since 2007 represented in a single image.