'Gas to wire' Generation Development

New Generation for Emerging markets
Powerplants for Industrial Consumers 

Genco Energy specialises in new generation "Gas to Wire" development and investment
for Independent Power Producers (IPP) in emerging markets and for industrial consumer clients.

Specifically these are new power generation facilities supplying general local grid or specific island grid demand and can range from 1 to 120MW.

Power plant:

  • Gas Turbine's (Industrial & Aero Derivative)
  • Gas Gensets
  • Diesel Gensets
  • MFO / HFO Gensets
  • LNG including Power Barges
  • Mini Hydro Generation


  • Electric utility generator / retailers
  • Generation IPP / power producers
  • Mining operators
  • Petro-chemical plants
  • Large industrial consumers
  • Landfills

Genco experience:

  • Pre-feasibility commercial analysis
  • Bankers feasibility analysis 
  • Site acquisition or Lease
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA)
  • Fuel supply agreements (FSA)
  • Regulatory, environmental & heritage compliances
  • Gas & HV network interconnections
  • Design and planning
  • International generation equipment procurement
  • International sale of redundant equipment when a project is upgrading an existing facility
  • Procurement, logistics & scheduling
  • EPC construction management
  • Commissioning & operator training management
  • Operational & maintenance contracts