Media Releases

Relating to Genco Managed Projects


Qenos Co-Generation Gas Turbine Power plant facility - Melbourne, Australia  

  • AGL and Qenos media releases March 2011
    Announcement to commence construction for a new CCGT Co-Generation Power plant facility at Qenos refinery, Altona VIC

8 months later - Solar Titan 250 GT Power plant & Steam boiler - Complete & preparing for load reliability testing


Mungullah Power Station Project - Carnarvon, Western Australia

  • Energy Minister Hon. Peter Collier
    "Chrome Shovel Ceremony" Construction Site Opening, 9 March 2011
  • Mungullah Construction Progress Update 
    Guardian Newspaper, August 2011
  • Mungullah Construction Progress Update 
    Guardian Newspaper, January 2012


Stratford Peaker Project - Taranaki, New Zealand

  • SPP enters commissioning phase, 18 Nov 2010
  • Prime Minister John Key official opening, 1 June 2011

15 months later - 220MW Open Cycle Gas turbine Power plant facility completed