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Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP)

Genco Energy runs an Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP)

The founding Shareholders of Genco Energy have gifted up to 25% of the total shares in the group into an Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP). This is an independently administered plan that is reserved for share issue to Genco personnel worldwide who are not co-founding country managers.

To qualify for ESOP shares our personnel will have proven themselves on at least two project deployments. Their suitability is measured on a willingness to participate and take risk at an owner level, to operate as a team player and their ability to bring a 'can do' attitude to the business. 

Genco operates with a strong philosophy that places the importance of a persons experience, attitude and initiative ahead of their technical qualifications.

Formation and participation in the ESOP proves to be an extremely effective mechanism to:

  • Promote and foster our Genco 'green blood' culture where our people are motivated to make good decisions for Genco Energy.
  • Enable our people to have ownership in a growing business. Genco is not just a place to turn up to work.
  • Run the business under a true owner operator philosophy where the people that run Genco, own Genco.